More and more people are seeing the benefits of being a rideshare driver. However, when a dependable car is imperative for your job, it's crucial you have a good one. While cars may seem more logical due to their fuel efficiency, SUV fans are in luck: the 2019 Ford Expedition ranks as one of the Ten Best Vehicles for Uber and Lyft Drivers. 

How does an SUV stack up? The 2019 Ford Expedition is similar to the new 2019 Ford F-150 in the fact it's primarily made of aluminum. This allows the large vehicle to have a lighter weight, making it still tough enough to tow, but light enough to keep it efficient. Plus, a Ford SUV packs more space: more seating for customers and more cargo space for all their stuff. There is seating for eight, or seven if you opt to have bucket seats in the middle row. Rear air conditioning controls is a standard option, ideal for comfortable travel. The technology option list is extensive as well; sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Regular maintenance for your vehicle is especially important with frequent travel. Plus, of course, you want to make sure you are a reliable driver for your customers. You can call our service department at (877) 939-3858 or conveniently schedule service appointments online. You can also opt to become an Owner Rewards Member, gaining credit towards future services, rebates, and special offers.

Clarksburg rideshare drivers should visit us at our car dealership in Elkins at 696 Beverly Pike. We can get you out on a test drive today and you'll see how great this SUV is. Plus, you can rest assured your 2019 Ford Expedition from Elkins Fordland will pass Uber and Lyft's safety inspections and you'll be ready right away to utilize your new Ford SUV for both work and play.