So many people come into our local Ford dealership with a certain kind of vehicle in mind to test drive. Sometimes, they are looking for a specific model, while other times they are looking for a vehicle within a class of cars to fit their lifestyle. As many people are looking for family cars right now as we head back into the new school season, there are many new car buyers looking for Ford cars that offer a lot of space and reliability.

One way to get everything you need for your next family car is to check out models which fall under the crossover or SUV segments, and no, these are not the same segments. There is a lot of confusion surrounding the differences between a crossover and an SUV, while both carry a ton of great models, understanding how they are unique from each other can help you understand which would best suit your driving needs. 

What is a Crossover? 

A crossover is a newer term and newer type of vehicle…for the most part. While some vehicles are now being called crossovers, these were called SUVs in the past before the advent of the crossover term. Simply put, the crossover is a vehicle that might look a lot like an SUV, but it is based on a car model platform. The benefits to buying a crossover would include having the added space of an SUV, which the fuel efficiency of a smaller car. 

What is an SUV? 

The SUV is one of the most popular segments ever. It is a unique vehicle that is based on a truck model platform, therefore has tons of room and an impressive towing capacity. It often shares the same capacities and features as a truck, minus the truck bed for the sake of extra passenger and cargo space. 

For great Ford SUVs or crossovers, visit us at Elkins Fordland for a test drive!